Look for the Clues

chris chillingworth

There are clues surrounding you every day.

Clues that, if noticed, will tell you what work you should ideally be doing in your life.

Work that you can get behind and be passionate and proud about. Work that you’re really bloody good at. Work that adds massive value to others.

These clues are everywhere. You just can’t see them. Or to be more accurate, you don’t know how to see them. Even if you did, you wouldn’t know how to interpret them.

These clues could be in the things you do with your spare time. They could be in the books you read. The Youtube videos you watch. The feelings you get when you perform certain tasks. They could be in the feedback people have given you over the years or the stuff you used to spend all your time doing as a kid, back when you didn’t care what people thought. They might even be in the work you’ve been hating on for the last 10 years.

They are everywhere. But you can’t see them.

And this inability to identify these clues is making people around the world feel utterly miserable.

It makes men come home and snap at their kids. It ruins their relationships. It causes a desperate desire to escape. They lose their identity. They become shells of their former selves. They lose hope and make do with what they have. They drink too much. They lose their tempers too quick and they push away the people around them.

I know, I was one of them.

Having been there, I’m keen to help others out there who are suffering from the same issues.

I know I can help, and it’s important to my own sense of purpose to help others with theirs. In a more selfish sense, it’s what gives me my own direction to a certain extent. And we all need a direction. Something we should be working towards.

I’m no clinical psychologist. I’ve no qualifications. I’m just a guy who’s lived it, fixed it and is now seeing success in helping others do the same.

So look out for these clues. They surround you every day. And if you haven’t done so already, check out my free resources on solving this problem.

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