“Don’t know what you want to do with your life? Don’t know what you should be doing in your life? Then get on this course. It will show you how to work it out”.

Firstly, this is not some universe provides rubbish. I got pretty sick of people telling me I just needed to visualise and things would get better. It’s also not a course that teaches fluffy mindset ideas that you and I both know you’re not going to be arsed to do.

No….This is a course that teaches you the practical steps and strategies that we all should’ve been taught back at school. Knowledge we should’ve carried with us into our early careers so that we were able to identify the clues to who we are individually. Knowing what makes us tick, as well as know how to find the abundance of opportunities out in the world that are already out there waiting for us. It’s a course dedicated to the common man/woman on the street, who just wants someone to show them where to look and what to do so that they can finally work out what it is they should be doing.

  • If you want to get up on a Monday morning and be excited about the day ahead
  • If you want to feel proud of what you do for a living
  • If you want more money in your life to provide more for your kids
  • If you want to be happier, more energetic and more fulfilled in life
  • If you want to feel like you are finally adding value in the world
  • If you feel like you have more to give the world and right now you’re not giving it

……then listen up because I’ve got a solution for you right here, right now that will make all that happen for you, quicker than you think, providing you’re willing to do the work.

Let me ask you four key questions first of all….

  • Are you tired of commuting to a place you don’t want to be?
  • Are you sick of working for someone you don’t want to work for?
  • Do you resent doing a job everyday you have no real interest in doing, even though you’re good at it?
  • Are you spending 5 or 6 days out of every 7 in your life making someone else’s dreams come true instead of your own?
  • Are you tired of changing jobs, only to find that everything you try just doesn’t scratch the itch?

Okay I know thats five, I threw an extra one in at the last minute.

But if you said Yes to any of those then, I reckon I have a pretty good idea about how you feel.

I was there too. I was miserable, depressed, angry, frustrated, and I hated the fact everyone else seemed to have a role in the world and I couldn’t for the life of me work out what mine was supposed to be. I’d get people telling me to just follow my passions, but it was awful advice because my passions involved sitting in my pants and playing video games, watching films until 3am and sleeping…..lots. Oh and eating custard creams (still a problem to be honest, i’m not a miracle worker).

In fact, the more and more people I spoke to, the more I realised no one seemed to have a clue how to work this problem out. How does one work out what they want to do in their life?

Many kids left my school with a plan. I didn’t. I had no idea what I wanted to do. I fell into a job and that led to another job. And before I knew it, I had spent 12 years in the insurance industry. By the age of 29 I was bloody good at what I did, but I was also sick of it. Being good at something isn’t enough. And it doesn’t mean you like what you do.

I was so stressed that my 1 hour commute home in the car would often turn into 2 hours because I had to pull over due to the searing pain in my head. Migranes I had developed from years of stress at work. I had chest pains and my doctor had put me on beta blockers to lower my blood pressure. I would come home and have missed my young children’s bedtime. When you get up before they do and get home after they go to bed, you start to wonder what on earth you’re doing with your life. I got divorced too in the end.

I was angry. Frustrated. I felt worthless, because I didn’t know where I fit in. If you needed a plumber, my mate Jase was the guy you called. If you needed help with your accounts you’ll call my mate George. If you needed a white van man, you’d give Terry a call. But no one called me for insurance advice, and the few times people did ask me I felt bored out of my brains having to talk about my work.

I had no interest in what I did. It sucked the life out of me. Have you ever sat behind a desk all day, then got home and felt exhausted? I don’t know how it happens, but somehow it does. I would get home and just want to sit in front of a film and escape, or go to sleep. I’d usually choose a film however because sleep meant 6am coming around faster, and that meant going back to work, the place i’d only just come from.

Then, one day, after my car had broken down and I had to get a train into work, I snapped. The pain of suffering this misery became bigger than the pain of making a change. I wasn’t prepared to accept it any longer.

Why was I wasting my own life commuting to somewhere I didn’t want to physically be, to do a job I had no interest in doing, for someone I had no respect for. Isn’t that a definition of madness right there???

So I made changes. I started to study the concept of trying to work out what I wanted to do. I found ideas, strategies, concepts, systems I could use. Practical steps I could take that required me to get off my arse, but which produced clarity. I started to understand who I was, and what I wanted in life. I started to understand and see opportunities out in the world I never knew existed.

Today I love the work I am doing. In fact, I’ve now started 3 business, each one in a field that I have genuine passions and interests in. I wake up on a Monday morning excited to get cracking and get on with my work. I see my kids more, I earn over 3x as much as I used to make working for other people, and my finances are going up each year too. I’m my own boss, and I work from my garden office. No commute, no stress, more money and the freedom to change whatever it is I don’t like.

I found my purpose in life and made changes to make it happen. After 30 years of life, I finally worked out what I wanted to do.

It gave me tremendous clarity. I suddenly knew which books to read, which courses to attend, which seminars to go to. I knew who I needed to speak to and more importantly, I knew the work I needed to do in order to reach my goals.

But I never would have got there without the strategies and techniques i’d learned along the way. Strategies I spent years studying in books, courses and also learning from my own personal experience.

In 2018 I decided that I wanted to help other people who were in the same boat as I was. I wanted to show people how to work out what their own purpose and meaning was in their lives. Remember, these are techniques and strategies that should have been taught to you in school. For if they had, you would surely not have spent years in the wrong industry.

But it’s never too late to make a change.

Whats worse? Trying to make a change and the work that might come with it, or never trying and just settling for the life you have now? Never knowing if it could be better?

Knowing what you want/should be doing in life has a ton of benefits, some you won’t know until you experience them……

  • Provides clarity on where to aim your focus
  • Leads to adding more value in the world
  • Provides more money, as the more value you add, the more money you’ll make
  • That sense of pride when someone asks you what you do for a living
  • The feeling of fulfilment in your life
  • No more stress filled Sunday nights dreading Monday mornings
  • No more Monday morning blues
  • And excitement that can only come from working on your purpose/meaning
  • Respect from loved ones, friends and colleagues

And this can all begin today….

My new course teaches you everything you need to know to make all this happen and more. Find out how I have taught other people how to find their own purpose and meaning so that they too have been able to get out there and make it happen for themselves.

I have spent 2 long years building this course because I am a bit of a perfectionist. Several versions of it never saw the light of day. Until in mid 2018 I got 10 people on board to test it. The feedback was amazing, and more than I personally had hoped for. I received testimonials of life changing moments and intense clarity on how people finally knew for the first time what they wanted to do and how to get there.

The course includes

  • 10 strategies and techniques carefully designed to identify your purpose/meaning
  • A .pdf home study workbook that accompanies the course
  • Online video course of every step to help you implement the strategies
  • Free 30 minute consultation call after you have completed the course to help solidfy the techniques
  • Ongoing email support throughout the course and afterwards if you need it
  • Access to my Find Your Life Purpose Facebook group where you can meet hundreds of other members in the same boat as you





Jaymie Duncan , UK

Karnell Whyte, UK


And my own journey has been a bit of a testimonial in itself. In 2012 I was working as a manager in a small family run insurance company, earning a low wage and not having a clue what I wanted to do. By 2017 I was walking out on stage in front of 1000+ people at the QE2 Building in Westminster, London, about to deliver a 1 hour seminar about the effects of human psychology on the stockmarket.

Here’s brief video just to show how far I managed to come. And this is just the start. You see, when things start to change, you get the bug. It’s called momentum. It’s easier to reach the top of the ladder when you’ve climbed up the rungs. Those who expect to get there without climbing generally won’t succeed.

And anyone can do this. Anyone can do the 10 steps in my course and change their lives. Anyone can implement the techniques, learn who they are and marry that up with the opportunities out there in the world. Opportunities you currently do not even know exist.


But how much does the course cost?

Well, I wanted to deliver 10x the value for the price you paid. In other words, if you paid £1000 i’d want you to get £10,000 worth of value.

And I truly believe that this course delivers that level of value. I mean, what price would you put on finally knowing what it is you should be doing in life?

But £1000 seems too high. It would price many out and I don’t want that.

I could have charged £750, even £500. It is definitely worth it. This is 2 years worth of work, studying, writing, recording videos for each step, carefully building the course in a way that truly delivers and makes a difference in peoples lives. Yeah, £500 definitely.

But there are still some people out there who wouldn’t be able to afford that.

So i’ve priced the course at £127.

For the equivilent of £3 a month for the next 5 years of your life, you could finally solve this issue for yourself using the techniques I teach in this course.

It’s an absolute steal at £127 and this is material you won’t learn anywhere else. No one else teaches this. Most don’t even know about it.

But don’t delay because it won’t stay at this price forever. I will be moving it up to £297 and maybe even higher soon as it’s clearly worth it. If you click on the buy now button below and it says £297 then it’s too late, sorry. I’ve changed the price and the £127 offer has gone.

So take action today, and start the momentum by enrolling on the course instantly. You can be delving into Step 1 within 3 minutes and making massive changes to your life.

It’s incredibly simple. Just click on the ADD TO CART button and process the transaction. It says Paypal but you can pay with a credit and debit card via Paypal as a guest. Once done, login to the website and start watching the course videos. You’ll also get a copy of the .pdf home study workbook sent out to you via email the same day.




Any questions? You can find me on Facebook. Just send me a message and say hello.