How I Quit the 9-5 Rat Race

how I quit the 9-5 rat race

I remember sitting on the train to work asking myself why I was going to a place I didn’t want to be, to work for someone I didn’t like, to spend my time doing a job I didn’t want to do.

And inside my head I just asked……


Why was I doing this with my life? It dawned on me that no one could force me to do this but me.

But I couldn’t just walk out with nothing to move into. I had kids, a mortgage and bills to pay. So I started planning. Every evening I would sit down and instead of watching the TV, I put my brain to work and started working things out.

Let me tell you, the planning was one of the most uplifting and exciting stages of the whole process. The knowing that it was coming to an end. That I would make it work somehow.

I didn’t know how yet. But I knew with certainty that I would work it out. If others could do it, then so could I.

And I did.

I started listening to audiobooks during my lunch breaks. I would fill pages and pages of journals up with ideas and plans. 1 hour of lunch a day, meant 6 hours a week to work on my business. I only sat in my car eating stale sandwiches anyway. Why not use the time better?

So, whenever an idea hit me, it would go into the journal. Business ideas, strategy on how to market my business, how I’d serve others, in what way? Who’s stuff I wanted to emulate and why. Literally everything that I thought “I’ll need to remember that”.

Then I started spending several hours a night building my business.

I had no spare money. So I had to do it all myself.

Firstly, I worked out what I wanted to do. (arguably the hardest part for most)

Then I worked out how to build a website. I worked out how to start a membership site. I worked out how to build an online course. How to create an e-book. How to automate it so that when people joined my mailing list they received the e-book automatically. I worked out how to sell things and market my own courses. How to build an email list, a following. I worked this all out from books, courses, blogs, networking, watching youtube videos and basically getting the information somehow in someway.

The process was exciting.

Many people are put off by the work involved. But it never felt like work. Working on my exit strategy from my miserable 9-5 (which was actually a 7-7 shift pattern job) was liberating. I couldn’t wait to get home after work and work my business. More importantly, work on myself.

Within months my site was up and running, I was posting on my blog daily, it eventually started getting traction and people were buying my courses. I reached out to influencers in the niche and got boosts to my followers. By the time I started making £800 a month in sales, from only a few hours in the evening, I decided it was time to take the leap.

How I quit the 9-5 rat race.

The beauty of this method meant that I wasn’t taking as big a leap. It was calculated. I couldn’t live off £800/month, sure. But if I was making that putting in 20% effort, I could probably make more putting in 100% of my time.

The first month was ropey. I was short my normal income by about £400. By month two I was making more than I made in a month from my old 9-5 job. By year 1 I had made double my 9-5 yearly income.

Why? How?

I was adding value. I loved what I was doing. I was good at it. People wanted it. And my earnings were now uncapped.

If I wanted to earn more I had to become more valuable. Add more skills, solve more problems. I could do that. Anyone can. So I did.

And I set about spending the rest of my days focusing on growing my own value to the world.

Don’t get me wrong, there were days where I sat in my pants playing Xbox for 2 days straight and eating a whole packet of cookies for breakfast. But I was already earning way more than my 9-5 paid by then. And every entrepreneur needs a break, right?

5 years on now and I’ve never looked back. I will probably never go back to the 9-5. The chances are very very slim. I was supposed to be doing what I do. And I love it.

The point of my post here is this. If you hate your job and want out ask yourself this one simple question that now I ask myself every day. “What have you done today to bring you closer to your goal?”

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