Are You Unhappy With Your Work?

unhappy with work

Do you feel dejected and unhappy most days?

Genuine question. Because a lot of people out there do.

And it’s obvious why, when you see so many people getting up early in the morning for a job they don’t want to do, commuting to a place they don’t want to be, to make money for someone they don’t really like, alongside other people they don’t like working with. Only to then go home at the end of the day mentally drained and too exhausted to enjoy the precious few hours they get to themselves. They’ll snap at their kids, eat dinner late, and if it’s really bad they’ll spend the evening stressing about going back to work the next day. Only to then go to bed, perhaps not getting much sleep due to the worry and stress and unhappiness, and then get back up early to do it all over again.

They’ll do this 5 maybe even 6 days a week. Focusing on that 1-2 days a week they get to spend their life/existence doing what ‘they’ want to do.

One day at 30 years old I was sitting on a packed train without a seat, knowing I was spending the next 45 minutes of my life doing something for someone else that I didn’t want to do. I would then spend the whole day somewhere I didn’t want to be.

It made me so angry, I snapped.

I said to myself there and then that I would commit my time, energy and money towards changing my life and changing my situation. Why was I giving up 6 out of 7 days of my life to someone else? IT’S MY LIFE!!

I didn’t blame anyone but myself. I had put myself in this situation by accepting it. I had told myself that this was all I was good for, for many years. But that day I reached my limit.

I studied how to work out what I should be doing. A journey of self discovery and mostly self awareness, and then once I knew what I wanted to do it took me only 6 months to really build my career and dive into it full time.

I have never looked back.

So my message to you is, if you find yourself in a similar place, giving up hours and hours, days and days of your life, focusing on that 2 weeks a year holiday you get, then you need to start looking at building a life for yourself where you don’t need a holiday.

Do work that brings you satisfaction. That inspires you. That you get up and look forward to doing every day. Do work that you were built to do. That you are doing because it makes you better off, not someone else.

When the plane is going down they tell you to put your own oxygen mask on first. Why? Because you’re no help to your friends and family, or the other passengers around you if you’re suffocating.

So focus on you for a change. Because when you lead by example you show others that they don’t have to settle for realising other peoples ambitions and that they can achieve their own. Because when you are happy and healthy and doing work that makes you tick you can be the best version of yourself for all of those around you.

In the next forthcoming months I’m going to be posting in this group some ideas on how to help you get there. But remember, knowledge is important, but execution based on that knowledge is far more powerful.

Start your plan to make a change today. What’s stopping you committing to it mentally?

Have a great Thursday evening.

p.s. if you have any specific questions about your situation that you want some advice on, feel free to give me a shout and i’ll do my best to offer some value.


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Chris Chillingworth is a self taught careers and life purpose coach. After 15 years working in the insurance industry Chris decided to change his life by changing his career and becoming an online coach in the stockmarket industry before focusing on his other passion ‘careers and life coaching’ in 2017.
Chris runs an online Facebook Group for people looking to identify their own life purpose and helping them to make it a reality. The group is called ‘Find Your Life Purpose’ and can be found here.
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